1 Dec 2022 Purple is the colour of the day at HSBC Bermuda in support of those with disabilities English PDF 609.60 KB


3 Aug 2022 HSBC to raise its base lending rate for the first time in a number of years English PDF 206.77 KB


29 Apr 2022 Bank announces launch of online chat platform English PDF 122.10 KB

26 Apr 2022 Keeping Bermuda beautiful English PDF 781.92 KB


8 Mar 2022 HSBC: Lights on for International Women’s Day English PDF 416.80 KB

7 Mar 2022 HSBC Reid Street Entrance Welcomes Customers English PDF 306.57 KB


9 Feb 2022 Introducing the HSBC Youth Financial Literacy Program English PDF 437.71 KB

7 Feb 2022 Bank warns of continued SMS fraud attempts English PDF 292.94 KB


21 Jan 2022 HSBC Bermuda warns of scams English PDF 289.25 KB

18 Jan 2022 Somerset Branch to reopen on January 19th English PDF 298.98 KB

16 Jan 2022 HSBC Somerset Branch Closed Until January 19th, 2022 English PDF 289.22 KB


31 Dec 2020 HSBC Bermuda’s hours of operation during the week of January 4th, 2021 English PDF 208.42 KB

16 Dec 2020 Changes to HSBC Bermuda’s hours of operation over the holiday period English PDF 279.05 KB

8 Dec 2020 HSBC’s Church Street branch to close on Monday English PDF 200.52 KB

1 Dec 2020 HSBC: Shining a light on supporting those with disabilities English PDF 298.69 KB


30 Nov 2020 HSBC’s Somerset branch to close tomorrow English PDF 204.52 KB

6 Nov 2020 HSBC invites local companies to join global offers programme English PDF 157.31 KB


19 Oct 2020 HSBC Bermuda congratulates the 2020 Knowledge Quest-HSBC scholarship recipients English PDF 336.29 KB


21 Sep 2020 HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited to reopen for business English PDF 151.81 KB

17 Sep 2020 HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited to close due to Hurricane Teddy English PDF 160.05 KB

15 Sep 2020 HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited to reopen today English PDF 152.76 KB


5 Aug 2020 Church Street Branch to reopen in September English PDF 188.54 KB


28 Jul 2020 HSBC celebrates the Bermudian spirit by recognizing local COVID-19 heroes English PDF 313.98 KB

24 Jul 2020 HSBC celebrates the spirit of Cup Match English PDF 221.25 KB


11 Jun 2020 HSBC’s Branch Banking Hours English PDF 205.74 KB

8 Jun 2020 HSBC celebrates the Bermudian spirit English PDF 153.49 KB


8 May 2020 HSBC’s Branch Banking Hours English PDF 204.85 KB

1 May 2020 HSBC’s Branch Banking Hours English PDF 28.06 KB


21 Apr 2020 HSBC’s Branch Banking Hours English PDF 346.03 KB

6 Apr 2020 HSBC Bermuda - supporting our community through COVID-19 English PDF 156.42 KB

2 Apr 2020 Island wide HSBC Branch closure English PDF 162.89 KB


19 Mar 2020 HSBC Bermuda to offer debt relief packages to help customers amidst COVID-19 crisis English PDF 158.01 KB

Temporary closure of HSBC’s Church Street branch English PDF 207.02 KB

16 Mar 2020 HSBC lowers lending rates to support customers English PDF 153.54 KB

6 Mar 2020 HSBC Bermuda promotes gender equality and financial awareness English PDF 364.22 KB


28 Feb 2020 HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited ‘HSBC Bermuda’ year end 2019 results English PDF 224.49 KB

21 Feb 2020 HSBC Bermuda and The Eliza DoLittle Society Enter the Fourth Year of the Feeding Programme English PDF 212.64 KB

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