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HSBC Bermuda is a leading provider of financial services in Bermuda, serving individuals, institutions and corporations locally and globally.

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HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited, 6 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

Management team

Find details of our management team in Bermuda, including Chief Executive Officer Mark Watkinson, the Executive Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

Corporate governance

Details of the principles that govern the structure and conduct of the Board and the responsibilities of the Audit and Risk Committee can be found in the corporate governance section.

Financial information

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At HSBC we believe that education and access to vital natural resources are essential to healthy communities. Around the world we provide financial donations to community projects, and thousands of employees get involved by volunteering their time and sharing their skills. At HSBC Bermuda, we are aligned with HSBC's global sponsorship and community investment strategies and are committed to supporting programmes and events in the local community.


Donations are defined as money given to registered Bermuda charities or non-profit organisations in Bermuda. These partnerships do not have sponsor benefits, and are strictly for philanthropic purposes. Charitable donations should focus solely on building the local community, providing a long-lasting benefit to Bermuda.

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Staff Volunteer Community Action Day Programme – 2015 Projects

In 2006, HSBC Bermuda launched a Staff Volunteer Community Action Day Programme, providing all permanent, full-time HSBC Bermuda staff with time off from work each calendar year to volunteer to assist with preselected projects focused on education, the environment and the community. To date, HSBC staff members have volunteered almost 9000 hours of community service.

Each year the Bank selects three projects for staff participation. Below are the projects from 2015.

Education project

The Family Centre Homework Academy

For eight years HSBC Bermuda, in partnership with the Family Centre, has provided funding to support the success of middle school students, their teachers, staff and parents. This has helped strengthen the efforts of the T.N. Tatem Middle School, Dellwood Middle School and other middle school staff with tested, effective and sustainable programmes which support their desired outcomes for students. HSBC supports the HSBC Homework Help Academies and the Family Centre's Parenting Skills Workshops, including Parent Education Workshops, Parenting Tip Worksheets and the Family Forum Group.

Since 2010 in further support of this partnership, Bank volunteers (as part of the Bank’s Staff Volunteer Community Action Day Programme) have volunteered to assist with the Family Centre’s Homework Help Academy, which helps local schools cope with students who are facing academic challenges. In 2015, HSBC staff continued to support this programme, helping students complete their homework assignments.

Environmental projects

  1. Cooper’s Island Restoration Project

    In 2009, the Bank partnered with the Ministry of Environment and Sports, Department of Conservation Services and the Department of Parks, and adopted a part of Cooper's Island, providing funding and resources to remove existing unwanted structures and invasive plant species. Bank volunteers, in partnership with members of the community, have been helping to restore this space back to its original state as a nature reserve. Since 2009 Bank staff have continued to help with these restoration efforts.

  2. HSBC Water Programme

    Remediation of the Cloverdale and Evan’s Bay brackish ponds

    The HSBC Water Programme, an HSBC global initiative, is a five year, USD100m partnership with Earthwatch, WaterAid and the World Wildlife Fund. Countries in which HSBC operates around the world have the opportunity to participate in this global initiative, supporting local water conservation and preservation projects in their local communities. In 2015 HSBC Bermuda partnered with the Bermuda Zoological Society (BZS), which is leading the local Water Programme implementation. The Bermuda project focuses on the remediation of the Cloverdale and Evan’s Bay brackish ponds, which act as a critical habitat for a diversity of wildlife, including endemic and endangered species.

    Local studies have revealed that sediments in these ponds contain toxic levels of various contaminants due to vehicle emissions, storm water run-off from roadways, and to a lesser extent, pesticides and cesspits. BZS will focus its efforts on preventing further contamination of the ponds, remediating them through removal of invasive plant species while improving the quality of the water. In 2015, HSBC staff assisted with the remediation of the Cloverdale Pond.

Community project

Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy

HSBC volunteers visited the Hope Academy and spent an afternoon providing companionship and engaging in activities with the Academy’s students, during a ‘Back to School Fun Day’.   HSBC staff helped to restore the grounds, which were hit by tropical storms in 2014, preparing the area for a sensory and butterfly garden for students.

Projects for the 2016 Staff Volunteer Community Action Day Programme are currently under consideration.

HSBC Group history timeline


Hong Kong harbour, Chinese artist, early 1860s

Staff in Fuzhou, China, 1887

Portrait of Thomas Jackson, around 1890

Chinese railway bond certificate, 1907

Staff in military uniform, First World War

Hong Kong building, 1965

Prison camp diary of HSBC staff member Max Haymes, 1943

Hong Kong garment factory, around 1950

Persian banknote, early 20th century

UK cash machine, around 1970

HSBC office, New York, 1999

HSBC lion, London, present day

< >

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited opened in Hong Kong on 3 March 1865 and in Shanghai one month later. It was the first locally owned bank to operate according to Scottish banking principles.

By 1875 HSBC was present in seven countries across Asia, Europe and North America. It financed the export of tea and silk from China, cotton and jute from India, sugar from the Philippines and rice and silk from Vietnam.

By 1900, after strong growth under Chief Manager Thomas Jackson, the bank had expanded into 16 countries and was financing trade across the world. Bullion, exchange and merchant banking were important features of the bank’s business.

In the early 20th century, HSBC widened the scope of its activities in Asia. It issued loans to national governments to finance modernisation and infrastructure projects such as railway building.

The First World War brought disruption and dislocation to many businesses. By the 1920s, however, Asia was beginning to prosper again as new industries developed and trade in commodities such as rubber and tin soared.

The 1930s brought recession and turmoil to many markets. Nonetheless, HSBC asked architects Palmer and Turner to design a new head office in Hong Kong: “Please build us the best bank in the world.” The cutting-edge art deco building opened in 1935.

The bank faced one of its most challenging times during the Second World War. Staff in Asia showed huge courage in the face of adversity. Many became prisoners of war. Only the London, Indian and US branches remained in full operation.

At the end of the war, HSBC took on a key role in the reconstruction of the Hong Kong economy. Its support helped established manufacturers as well as newcomers to Hong Kong grow their business.

By the 1970s the bank had expanded through acquisition. HSBC bought Mercantile Bank and The British Bank of the Middle East in 1959. In 1972 it formed a merchant banking arm, extending its range of services.

In the 1980s HSBC bought Marine Midland Bank in the US. In 1992, the newly created HSBC Holdings plc made a recommended offer for full ownership of the UK’s Midland Bank. Following the acquisition, HSBC moved its headquarters to London.

In 1998, the bank announced it would adopt a unified brand, using HSBC and the hexagon symbol everywhere it operated.

As new markets blossom and flourish, HSBC continues to be where the growth is, connecting customers to opportunities. The bank enables businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams and realise their ambitions.



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